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Is Bang Keto?

Are you on a ketogenic diet, and you love energy drinks? If so, you’re probably wondering is Bang keto?

You might have heard about Bang. People say Bang energy drinks, Bang Coffee, and Bang alcohol drinks are super-refreshing and healthy. While tons of healthy energy drinks are available on the market, you might wonder, is Bang really keto friendly?

is bang keto

Yes, you are right. Bang claims to be keto friendly! There is no need to be stressed about your ketogenic diet while you consume Bang. I feel that Bang does not make you lose ketosis.

It is complex. You cannot say that Bang does not kick you out of ketosis. My body is different from yours, and my keto levels will differ. The same goes for you and your friends. It is difficult to say that no matter what, Bang cannot kick someone out of ketosis.

You need to know about bang’s nutritional information before you drink it. While there are so many drinks available on the market, you need detailed information about any new drink you might want to consume. Read the article below to know more about Bang: 

What is Bang?

Bang is a widely popular energy drinks brand. You will find a range and variety of drinks under the “Bang” brand name. These include Bang Coffee and Bang alcohol drink. Bang is known as a symbol of health and positive energy. Unlike other energy drinks available on the market, Bang does not associate itself with a negative image.

getting bang energy drink

The CEO of Bang, Jack Owoc, used unusual methods to market Bang. In an interview, Owoc said, “People want to be positive, they want to be uplifted, and that’s what we did”. Contrary to Owoc’s claims, studies have revealed that energy drinks have minimal effects on lower-body muscular performance.

Does Bang really have what it takes to be uplifted and positive? Only Bang’s accurate nutritional information can reveal the answers. One can of Bang is approximately 16 fl oz. Check out Bang Energy’s nutritional profile:

  • Carbohydrates (0%)
  • Cholesterol (0%)
  • Trans fat (0%)
  • Sodium (2%)
  • Dietary Fiber (0%)
  • Protein (0%)
  • Vitamin D (0%)
  • Iron (0%)
  • Calcium (0%)
  • Magnesium (1%)
  • Potassium (2%)
  • Niacin (30%)
  • Vitamin B12 (60%)
  • Vitamin B6 (30%)
  • Vitamin c (30%)

Is Bang Keto Friendly?

Yes, Bang says that it is Keto friendly. It is OK to drink a can of Bang while on a keto diet. Having said that, let’s explore why Bang is Keto-friendly.

bang energy drinks

Usually, people say that you can drink any energy drink on a keto diet. It is a shady claim as you cannot be 100% sure that an energy drink is keto-friendly until and unless you check its ingredients and nutritional information.

Bang is keto-friendly because it does not contain excessive sugars. You should know whether Bang is a good energy drink or not.

Difference between keto-friendly and good energy drink

Despite being a keto-friendly drink, Bang contains artificial sweeteners. Remember Owoc’s claims? He said that Bang uplifts people. Do you think artificial sweeteners uplift people?

I don’t think so. Unfortunately, artificial sweeteners such as Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium are not as good as plant-based sweeteners. Studies have shown that Sucralose does not adversely affect your blood sugar level in the long run (Sydney Risdon, 2021).

I know that Sucralose is safe for human consumption, but I do not like artificial sweeteners. I think that Jack Owoc should replace artificial sweeteners like Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium with plant-based sweeteners.

Some Keto-lovers say that artificial sugars like Sucralose and Acesulfame Potassium negatively affect their diet. They feel like they are losing ketosis, and it is not right. I cannot exactly say that your artificial sweetener will not affect your ketosis because they are manufactured in different factories all over the world.

I mean, it is not OK to consume artificial sweeteners when you can consume natural plant-based sweeteners. Plant-based sweeteners are not likely to affect your ketosis like artificial sweeteners. In my opinion, you should prefer plant-based sweeteners over artificial sweeteners.

Caffeine in Bang can potentially affect the calcium absorption in your body. Bang energy drinks do not contain calcium. It means that if you keep drinking too many cans of Bang on Keto, it will adversely affect the calcium absorption in your body.

Energy drinks – Bad idea?

It is not a good idea to drink too many energy drink cans on keto. Although Bang does not contain high amounts of sugars like the traditional energy drinks, it does not mean that Bang provides you with energy.

Energy drinks feel like “Energy Boosters” because they contain high levels of caffeine. We do not advise that you consume high levels of caffeine on Keto. Calcium absorption is a serious issue. As a fitness expert, I do not want any energy drink to mess up the process of calcium absorption in my body.

Bang contains Acesulfame Potassium. It is not good for your body. It can be carcinogenic. You should avoid Acesulfame Potassium and any other drink that contains a high amount of Acesulfame Potassium.

Bang Energy – Keto Test

Today, I am going to try Bang energy. For those who do not know me, I am a fitness expert who has lost 100 pounds through keto. I am having a ketogenic lifestyle.

is bang energy keto

I wake up early in the morning, and last night, I did not eat much. I feel like I am fasting. Many people have told me that Bang Energy is not a Keto-kicker. I do not believe anything unless I try it myself.

So, I am testing my keto level five minutes before drinking the Bang Energy Pina-Colada. I am using my KETOCOACH monitor to test my keto level. It is 0.7 mmol/L. I am setting the timer now. Let’s Bang after five minutes.

Okay, I did not take much time to drink Bang. I am setting my timer now. We will check my keto level after three hours. Let’s see how Bang affects my keto.

How am I feeling?

I am not feeling good. I think that I am more active. I do not feel sleepy at all. That is because of caffeine. After three hours, I feel like I am having a crash. It is not good. Let’s check my keto level. It is 1.4 mmol/L.

How many Calories in a can of Bang?

Bang contains zero calories. Some bang drinks contain a certain amount of calories. You should always check the labels before having a can of Bang on Keto.

How many energy drinks can you have on Keto? 

You should not consume more than one can of keto-friendly energy drinks when you are on Keto. It might seem harsh, but it depends on the caffeine content in your keto-friendly energy drinks.

Energy drinks carry high levels of caffeine. Keto-friendly energy drinks, such as Bang, contain approximately 300 mg of caffeine. It is equivalent to almost 2 normal cups of coffee.

It is interesting because a 12-ounce can of cola provides only 45 mg of caffeine to your body. Does it make keto-friendly energy drinks healthy for you? I don’t think so.

Too much caffeine is bad for your health. Caffeine in your keto-friendly energy drinks might make you more active, but too much caffeine (more than 400 mg daily) may lead to sleeplessness, insomnia, anxiety, and dehydration.

Why do you feel more active when you consume a can of keto-friendly energy drinks? It is because caffeine affects your central nervous system. People who become addicted to keto-friendly energy drinks, such as Bang, might face caffeine withdrawal symptoms when they do not get any.

Caffeine withdrawal symptoms include trouble concentrating, dizziness, and increased heartbeat. Bang carries a warning that people with medical conditions should not consume this product. If you take prescription drugs, energy drinks like Bang are not for you.

Wrapping Up

Bang is a good energy drink, but it does not mean that you can consume too much bang on Keto. Having too many energy drinks on Keto is not healthy, and the artificial sweeteners inside bang can potentially kick you out of ketosis.

Bang contains a high amount of caffeine. It means that bang can make you active but does not optimally affect your lower-body muscular performance. I like energy drinks but I think that it is best to avoid them on Keto.   

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