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Is Banza Pasta Keto Friendly?

Banza pasta is making many rounds, and people wonder if it’s truly worth adding to their diets. While many people enjoy pasta, is Banza pasta keto?

People doing keto know the importance of sticking to the diet because even a crumb of something that isn’t keto-friendly will undo all their hard work.

is banza pasta keto

Is Banza pasta keto? Unfortunately, Banza pasta is not keto-friendly. While Banza pasta is highly beneficial for those seeking high proteins and fats, which are the primary targets for a keto diet, Banza pasta is also rich in carbohydrates.

As many of you know, a keto diet aims to reduce the carbs to the lowest number possible, which is why Banza pasta is not recommended.

Banza pasta is very delicious and healthy in general, but it may not be worth the taste for those on a keto diet. Let’s dig deeper into Banza pasta so keto doers will know more.

What is Banza Pasta?

The brand Banza introduced gluten-free, high protein, and low carb pasta. Banza pasta is made from chickpeas and is a healthier alternative to regular flour pasta.

Banza pasta is ideal for people with celiac disease and those who are allergic to gluten.

What is in Banza Pasta?

Chickpeas, pea protein, xanthan gum, and tapioca make up Banza pasta. Banza pasta is made of almost 90% of chickpeas; the rest adds to give it the doughy form we all love.

Is Banza Pasta the Brand or Type?

While it’s confusing, Banza is a popular brand. But chickpea pasta is also called Banza pasta, though you’ll only find the Banza company’s pasta when you search up Banza pasta.

Who Started Banza, the Brand?

Banza is the genius of brothers Brian Rudolph and Scott Rudolph. The Rudolph brothers, knowing that there’s an entire population of people who love pasta but can’t indulge in it, wanted to change the pasta game.

Their idea was to introduce pasta that people who can’t tolerate gluten would be able to eat. And they sure have succeeded.

Is Banza Pasta Keto Friendly?

Coming to the big question: is Banza pasta keto-friendly?

Looking at the ingredients, you may think that Banza pasta is keto-friendly. After all, Banza pasta has low carbs and high protein, which are the general requirements of keto. But, Banza pasta is still not keto-friendly.

Keto Banza Pasta

How is Banza pasta not Keto-friendly?

The purpose of a keto diet is to have the minimal intake of carbs. At the same time, Banza pasta does look promising but is not keto-friendly because of its core ingredient, chickpeas.

You might be confused about how a low carb; high protein food is not keto-friendly. You see, Banza pasta does have lower carbs than regular pasta, but in keto diets, the comparison pales.

Yes, in comparison to regular pasta, Banza pasta offers lower net carbs. But this does not mean that those lower net carbs won’t harm you while on a keto diet.

What Makes Chickpeas Unsuitable for a Keto Diet?

Chickpeas are very healthy for most people, but those of you on a keto diet have very specific requirements when it comes to food. Nutritionists recommend most people on keto reduce their carb intake to a total of 30-50 net carbs, and going beyond this limit may reverse the result they want.

Chickpeas are healthy, but they are very high in protein. Eating chickpeas, in general, is recommended, but if you’re on a no-carb diet, chickpeas are a no-no.

How many Calories are in Banza Pasta?

Pasta is not a high-calorie dish in general.

Most nutritionists and dieticians recommend limiting total net carb intake, but there is no ruling with an iron fist regarding calorie intake.

In 2oz servings of Banza pasta, there are approximately 190 calories.

Nutritional Value of Banza Pasta

Banza pasta is healthy, just not keto-friendly. Take a look at its nutritional value here:

Nutritional ComponentsPer 02 oz
Total Fat Saturated Fat Trans Fat3g 0g 0g
Carbs Dietary Fibre Total Sugar35g 5g 1g
Minerals Calcium Iron Phosphorus Potassium Magnesium798mg 40mg 3mg 175mg 520mg 60mg

As the table above shows, Banza pasta has a high concentration of proteins and minerals, but the concentration of carbs overpowers them. Even the amount of fat in Banza pasta is not enough to make it a healthy addition to a keto diet.

When is Banza Pasta Okay for a Keto Diet?

keto banza pasta

The main takeaway from our discussions is that Banza pasta is not keto-friendly. And while you should stay away from chickpea pasta in general when you’re on a keto diet, it does not mean that you can’t taste it once.

People on a keto diet can eat a minimum of one serving of Banza pasta throughout their keto diet. This is only recommended for keto diet cheat days when you’re taking a day’s break from keto.

Eating more than a single serving of Banza pasta consecutively or eating Banza pasta a few times a month while on a keto diet is not recommended. And we’re not talking about Banza pasta alone. You should not eat any chickpea alternative food, be it pizzas, pasta, or other dishes, when you are on a keto diet.

Wrapping Up

Is Banza pasta keto-friendly? No, it is not keto-friendly, and people on a keto diet should not consume Banza pasta.

We understand that when you are on a keto diet, falling prey to the temptation of non-keto foods is easy. After all, most people have to limit their favorite foods when they begin keto, which is a tough ride for everyone.

Keto diets take a lot of effort and patience, but it is worth it in the end. For those new to keto, try to look for keto-friendly alternatives to dishes you want to try. If you cannot find-keto friendly alternatives, skip the dish altogether.

The net carbs in Banza pasta are lower than those in regular pasta, but for anyone on a keto diet, the carbs are still too high to be beneficial. Just stick to your diet, and in the end, you’ll be very pleased with the results.


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