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Is Grapefruit Keto Friendly?

Seeing someone on a diet is inspiring because we all know that staying away from your favorite food is very challenging.

Starting a keto diet, many citrus fruit lovers will wonder if they can have their favorite tart delight anytime during the course of their diet. So, they will ask:

Is Grapefruit Keto Friendly

Is Grapefruit Keto?

Many people believe fruits are one of the safest foods on a keto diet, but that isn't the case. An astonishing number of fruits are not keto, including Grapefruit.

You're probably surprised to learn Grapefruit is not keto friendly, especially since so many weight-loss diets encourage it.

But we'll be explaining exactly what makes Grapefruit unsuitable for a keto diet and what you can do if you have a massive craving for the citrusy fruit.

What is Grapefruit?

Grapefruit is a delicious citrus fruit sprouted from a cross between a pomelo and an orange.

People eat Grapefruits by the whole or by juicing them, although Grapefruit juices are the popular choice thanks to their succulent nature.

Keto Grapefruit

Grapefruit has quite a unique flavor, too; it is a mix of slightly bitter, sweet, and tart tastes.

People love Grapefruits because, contrary to their simple nature, they are quite fulfilling and are even popular in weight loss diets because people consuming Grapefruit lose considerably more weight than those who don't.

Is Grapefruit Keto?

It makes sense to think Grapefruits are keto-friendly since they are a common part of many weight loss diets.

Unfortunately, they are not the best fruit to eat on a keto diet.

We know it sounds confusing; after all, how could a fruit that might aid weight loss not be suitable for keto?

We'll need to dive deeper into Grapefruits and keto diets to understand this question better.

Understanding Keto

A ketogenic/keto diet essentially reduces the carbohydrates you eat so your body can turn to fats for energy.

Grapefruit Keto

Allow us to explain.

When we eat food, our body extracts carbohydrates and converts them into glucose. The body then uses this converted glucose as its main source of energy. While this energetic run benefits us, it allows fats to collect in our bodies.

We're trying to reduce this accumulated fat on a keto diet, so a ketogenic diet aims to fool our bodies into converting fats into energy instead of carbohydrates.

However, as long as we keep eating carbs, our body won't be able to efficiently convert the fat since it recognizes carbs as the default energy provider, so we need to kick them off our diet.

The body needs the energy to function, so it will look toward alternative sources when its default source (carbs) is unavailable. We divert the body's attention toward fats, which it then breaks down in the liver, releasing ketones.

Ketones are acid-like chemicals that the muscles use as the main source of energy. The state in which the body begins recognizing ketones as the primary energy source and continues to rely on them is called ketosis.

A keto diet increases the number of fats and proteins while simultaneously reducing carbs. The sudden increase in fats and the little to no carbs forces the body to continue breaking down fat, resulting in weight loss.

Types of Foods Needed in a Keto Diet

A keto diet includes lots of low-carb foods like poultry and meat.

Reducing carbs from your diet is the essence of keto.

How Grapefruit Helps in Weight Loss

Let's talk about how Grapefruit works in most weight loss diet plans.

Grapefruit contains plenty of water and is a low-calorie fruit, so it makes sense why it is a common part of many diet programs.

Yet, there isn't a specific reason why Grapefruit aids weight loss; many believe it might be because eating it increases the water level in your body, making you feel full like you would after a regular meal.

Some studies also estimate Grapefruit has chemical properties that encourage weight loss.

How is Grapefruit not Keto Friendly?

Keto Friendly Grapefruit

Yes, Grapefruit aids weight loss, but we must remember it's not only about what a portion of food can do for our diet, but also what it could do to our diet.

A keto diet's sole focus isn't on shedding the extra weight; we must look for food sources that have no carbs in them in addition to those that aid weight loss.

While Grapefruit is an excellent fruit to encourage weight loss, it is not a low-carb fruit, making it one of the few fruits you can't have on a keto diet.

In rare cases, you can add a carb to your diet if its protein and fat content is greater. However, as we'll see in a minute, a Grapefruit's carb count is far greater than the rest of its nutrients, which is why it isn't keto friendly.

Grapefruit: Nutritional Profile

We'll need to look at a Grapefruit's nutritional profile to understand its role in a ketogenic diet:

Nutritional Component (per 123 grams)Nutritional ValueDaily Value (2000-calorie diet)
Total Fat Saturated fat Trans fat Polyunsaturated fat Monounsaturated fat0.2 grams 0 grams 0 grams 0 grams 0 grams0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
Protein1 gram0%
Total Carbohydrates Dietary fiber Sugars13 grams 2 grams 8.5 grams4% 8%
Cholesterol0 milligram0%
Minerals Sodium Potassium Calcium Iron193.2 milligrams 0 milligram 166 milligrams 27.1 milligrams 0.1 milligrams  0% 5% 2.1% 0.6%
Vitamins Vitamin A Vitamin C  1414.5 IU 38.4 milligrams  28% 64%

Why Include Grapefruit on a Keto Diet?

Is Grapefruit keto-friendly?


Then why try to add it to your keto diet?

There are a couple of reasons why you might consider adding Grapefruit to your keto diet. For one, you simply might like Grapefruit and want to add it so you can have a taste every once in a while.

Another reason could be to benefit from its nutritional components; as you can see from the table, Grapefruit does have a lot to offer despite being a high-carb fruit, so ketoers who need those nutrients might hope to eat the fruit once or twice.

Let's talk about the nutritional benefits of Grapefruit:

●    Great for Diabetic People

Grapefruit is a low-glycemic fruit. A low-glycemic food is one that contains sugar, but its impact on your body's blood sugar level is negligible.

People struggling with frequent blood sugar hikes can rely on Grapefruit to sort them out.

●    Regulates Blood Pressure

The potassium in Grapefruit prevents unnatural spikes in blood pressure and regulates it.

●    Reduces Risk of Stroke and Cancer

Grapefruit is rich in flavonoids, natural substances with nutritional properties.

Flavonoids reduce the risk of strokes and encourage immune response to particular diseases.

Grapefruits also contain many antioxidants that improve immunity and help the body fight against diseases like cancer.

●    Aids Digestion

A hundred grams of Grapefruit contains nearly 91 grams of water, which aids digestion. Grapefruit is also a rich source of dietary fiber, a natural relief for constipation and irregular digestion.

●    Strengthens Immunity

Grapefruits contain vitamins C, A, iron, calcium, and potassium, all of which strengthen immunity and boost energy.

Why We Don't Recommend Adding Grapefruit to Your Keto Diet

Every now and then, you'll find a high-carb food you want to add to your keto diet. Experienced ketoers know adding such food into a keto diet is easier said than done because even an accidental wrong step can set your diet back ages.

Many people want to benefit from the nutritional values of a non-keto fruit. There is a way to include such fruits into a keto diet, but it carries some risks and precautions:

You May Set Back Your Diet

You can't automatically add fruit to your diet because you saw a fellow ketoer eat the same thing. Many people will see a ketoer, perhaps more experienced than themselves, eat a particular food item that's typically not a part of a keto diet.

We know the thought process that comes here; if he has it on a keto diet, why can't I?

We don't suggest adding something to your diet after watching a ketoer eat it because not every ketoer's dietary needs are the same as another's. Your dietary needs might follow the same diet as a fellow ketoer, but the reasons for such a diet might be completely different.

Adding a particular fruit solely because one ketoer is eating it might set you far back on the track.

It Can Reverse Ketosis

Adding a carb might not be the best suggestion if you're on a keto diet and want to keep your body in ketosis.

When the body in ketosis recognizes a carbohydrate, it immediately abandons converting fat. This essentially reverses ketosis, spoiling all your hard work and effort.

Your Dietician Might be Against It

You must not begin a keto diet on your own. As we already discussed, your dietary needs differ from the ones you'll find around you, so you need a dietician to construct a suitable meal plan.

Many people begin a keto diet on their own, without professional help, and discover the diet isn't helping them. This happens when people assume the needs of their bodies without confirmation.

We suggest consulting your dietician before adding a particular food like Grapefruit to your keto diet.

Your Body Might React Negatively

In certain cases, people might not find the particular fruit suitable, even if they want to eat it.

The body begins to tire when it does not get its fair share of carbohydrates. Although this fatigue happens in the earlier stages of starting a ketogenic diet, it can recur when the body gets an unexpected intake of carbs.

Eating a Grapefruit after a long time of ignoring carbs might lead to negative reactions, such as finding it difficult to return to keto, so you must be careful with how you're eating it.

If You Must Include Grapefruit…

Controlling the portion size and how frequently you eat it is one way to include Grapefruit in a keto diet. Of course, we don't suggest taking any steps without your dietician's recommendation.

Portioning Grapefruit on a Keto Diet

Our recommendation would be to keep your serving of Grapefruit to a minimum of ¼th of a Grapefruit.

Although eating up to half or even more of a Grapefruit might be very tempting, you should avoid giving in to the craving because of the high content of carbohydrates in a Grapefruit.

Grapefruit would be a great suggestion on a keto diet if and only if its protein and fat count were greater than its carb count, but since that's not the case, we do not advise eating more than the recommended quantity.

How Frequently to Eat Grapefruit on a Keto Diet

We do not suggest frequently/regularly eating a Grapefruit, even if you're keeping true to the portion size by restricting it to a slice or two.

Frequently eating a carb fruit like Grapefruit might reverse your keto diet and make it difficult to get back on track, so we suggest only eating it once a month.

Consult your dietitian if you want to eat Grapefruit more frequently.

Keto-friendly Grapefruit Alternatives

Grapefruit Keto Friendly

Is Grapefruit keto friendly? No.

But are there delicious Grapefruit alternatives that are keto-friendly?


Let's take a look at some of the delicious fruits you can eat in place of a Grapefruit:

●    Limes

Limes are the best keto-friendly alternatives for Grapefruits.

Limes offer the same tart and sweet flavor combination, and they don't have as many carbs as a Grapefruit, so they're quite the perfect replacement.

●    Raspberries

You might want to consider raspberries if you're interested in the Grapefruit solely for its sweet, tangy flavor. Raspberries have a similar (although less juicy) flavor profile and provide the perfect sweet-tangy kick your tastebuds need.

●    Blueberries

Blueberries are another keto friendly Grapefruit alternative.

Wrapping Up

Is Grapefruit keto friendly?

Unfortunately for ketoers, Grapefruit is not keto-friendly, and we do not suggest adding it to your diet.

A keto diet relies on a minimal number of carbs, and since a Grapefruit contains more than the recommended quantity, dieticians do not recommend it.

Limit your intake to one to two slices at a time and once a month if you must include Grapefruit in your keto diet.

We recommend ignoring Grapefruit and eating healthier, keto friendly alternatives like limes and raspberries.

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