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Is Sugar Free Jello Keto Friendly? [And Much More]

Sugar-free jello may have been my single greatest diet hack on keto back when I first lost the weight so many years ago. I would literally put together the entire box of sugar-free jello in the fridge every morning and have a bowl ready for me after dinner that evening, so if you're wondering if sugar-free jello is keto friendly, I have great news.

Sugar-free jello makes a great snack, dessert, or treat while on a keto diet. It is high in volume, which may help with satiety on a diet, low in calories, and low in carbs with only 10 calories per serving and 0 net carbohydrates.

What's excellent about sugar-free jello while trying to lose weight is that it's low in calories and high in volume, allowing me to fulfill that sweet tooth, feel full, and without all the calories.

In this article, we'll dive into whether sugar free jello can knock you out of ketosis, what's in sugar free jello, some keto friendly recipes, and even the BENEFITS of having a little sugar free jello on your keto diet.

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Can Sugar Free Jello Kick You Out Of Ketosis

While following a ketogenic diet, you will not have to worry about sugar-free jello preventing or kicking you out of ketosis. Sugar-free jello mainly consists of gelatin, tart flavoring, and artificial sweeteners.

 There are no ingredients contained in SF Jello that you have to worry about when it comes to being kicked out of ketosis on accident. 

To be kicked out of ketosis, you would need to eat enough carbohydrates for your body to shut down ketone production, and sugar-free jello has none.

Even the sweet taste of artificial sweeteners isn't sufficient enough to knock you out of ketosis. 

Therefore, you can eat sugar-free jello without worrying about spiking your blood sugar or being knocked out of ketosis.

Does Sugar Free Jello Have Carbs?

 Sugar-free jello contains only ten calories per serving and zero carbohydrates, with the calories primarily coming from protein (gelatin). 

No ingredients listed on the sugar-free label would contribute any carbohydrates to this keto-friendly snack.

Sugar-free jello isn't low-carb; it's NO carb, making it perfect on a keto diet and maintaining stable blood sugar levels.

What Is Sugar Free Jello Made Of?

The bulk of sugar-free jello is water and sugar free gelatin. The gelatin is what gives sugar-free jello… well, it's “jello-ness” for lack of a better term. 

Gelatin is simply the cooked form of collagen, so you're getting the same amino acid profile as if you were drinking hydrolyzed collagen, just in smaller quantities. 

Aside from the gelatin and salt, sugar-free jello has different acids to give it that tart flavor, such as adipic acid, in addition to being sweetened with aspartame and acesulfame potassium. 

Lastly, there is artificial flavor and coloring thrown in depending on the flavor you get. Although, less than 2% is artificial flavoring.

Sugar-free jello also contains phenylalanine in addition to the mentioned aspartame and acesulfame potassium, none of which contains carbs, raise blood sugar, or spike insulin.

In any case, all the ingredients contained in sugar-free jello are perfectly suitable for a low carb diet and perfect in various keto recipes and keto desserts which I'll cover later on.

Per serving (89g), jello has the following nutrition facts:

  • Calories: 10
  • Fat: 0g
  • Carbohydrates: 0g
  • Protein: 1g
Sugar free jello keto friendly

Is Sugar Free Jello Bad For You?

It depends on what your definition of bad is.

The most common concern for those who eat sugar-free products is whether or not the artificial sweetener is harmful to you, but too much of anything can be a bad thing.

… even water.

What most people don't realize is that everything, including artificial sweeteners, is not released into the food environment for human consumption without strict regulation and safety evaluations.

Aspartame On A Keto Diet

 Both aspartame and acesulfame-K, the sweeteners in sugar-free jello, have been approved for use in the U.S. by the Food and Drug Administration [FDA] and European Food Standards Agency [EFSA].  

Both scientific and technical data are submitted to ensure products are safe for human consumption.

Aspartame sweetener and acesulfame-K are probably two of the longest and most well-studied artificial sweeteners when it comes to safety.

However, if you're opposed to aspartame, there are many new “naturally” sweetened gelatin mixes on the market, like this one from simply delish below.

And if you prefer to make your own

How To Make Aspartame-Free Jello

If you're looking to make keto friendly keto gelatin from scratch, then homemade gelatin is the answer. This keto dessert is simple to make and has less than 2 grams of net carbs per serving, keeping your blood sugar from spiking.

This keto sugar free should be a part of anyone's keto recipes repertoire.

Homemade Gelatin

For this recipe, you'll need.

  • 4 packets of unflavored gelatin
  • 1 cup of cold water
  • 1 cup of boiling water
  • .5 cups of monk fruit sweetener (or sweetener of your choice)
  • .5 – 1tsp flavoring of your choosing (sugar-free one is essential for a keto diet)

Similar to regular jello, you'll add the cold water to your gelatin and allow it to dissolve while stirring gently. Then, add your hot water, flavoring, and sweetener, all while whisking until fully dissolved once again.

Set it in the fridge to set, and you're done! An easy keto dessert that won't send your blood sugar skyrocketing.

What Are The Benefits Of Sugar Free Jello

Sugar-free jello can serve as a great hunger hack on a keto diet, and we know hunger is a real thing, especially when trying to lose weight. 

SF jello contains only 10 calories per serving or snack pack. If you buy the large powder mix, you'd only be getting 80 calories for a HUGE container of jello, and it's super easy to make.

Just make sure you buy the sugar free version as the “regular” version is not low carb keto friendly.

Also, since sugar-free jello is mostly gelatin, it's primarily made up of collagen protein.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body and has many vital functions, including strengthening your bones and providing your skin with structure.

Consuming collagen may offer a variety of health benefits including:

Sugar Free Jello Keto Recipes

Sugar-free jello can be made into a plethora of keto-friendly dessert recipes and treats that aren't just your standard gelatin blobs.

Here are a few of my favorite sugar-free jello keto treats.

Sugar-free jello may just be the best keto treat that won't break the carb or calorie bank.

Orange Creamsicle Jello Whisps

You've heard of cheese whips, well here is the sweetened version of those. Not exactly a crunchy salty treat, but it's a delicious sweet keto snack.

Creamsickle Jello Whips Angle Square

Photo and recipe from Resolution Eats 

She also has a strawberries and cream flavored one here

No-Bake Sugar Free Jello Cheesecake

Turn your cheesecake from plain to flavored with the help of sugar-free jello. 

Or make “cheesecake fluff” by beating together a small packet of your favorite sugar-free jello with 1 cup of hot water. Let cool for ~ 5 minutes and then beat in about 4 oz. of cream cheese.

My favorite flavor for the above recipes is strawberry.

Strawberry cheesecake anyone? Top with some fresh strawberries and whipped cream for a more decadent treat.

Sugar free chocolate syrup also works as a great topping 😉

Top with peanut butter if that's your thing, but be mindful of the carbs.

Recipe courtesy of Meldyfood

Sugar-free jello shots

Just to offer the adults a little sumthin sumthin on keto.

You know… If you're looking to entertain some guests for Super Bowl and other events.

(or just entertain yourself, nobody is judging you) 

Obviously, for this recipe, substitute sugar-free jello and use whatever shapes or molds you want. The original recipe is non keto, using sugar-free jello makes it keto-friendly.

Top with some reddi wip or whipping cream for that added pizzaz.

Keto friendly sugar free jello shots

Photo and recipe courtesy of Stay Snatched

The Takeaway

Not only is sugar free jello keto friendly with no to low carbs, but it is very low in calories with only 10 calories per serving.

Sugar free jello comes in the ready to eat snack packs or you can save a little money and make your own by buying the powder. 

However, if you're opposed to using aspartame and other artificial sweeteners, you can try an alternative such as Simple Delish Jel dessert.

These gelatin brands below do not contain aspartame and perfect on keto:

Additionally, eat sugar-free jello as a great way to induce a little extra satiety on keto, curb your sweet tooth, and versatile in many other recipes.

Sugar free jello is the ultimate easy keto snack or dessert.

Need some other sweet treats or keto snacks? Check out my top 40 keto snacks and keto friendly candy guide.


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