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Is Ultra Fast Keto Boost From Shark Tank A Scam?

Now and then, there is a new product that hits the keto space. This particular supplement was brought to my attention by a friend asking if it worked or not.

Upon further investigation, I’ve come up with some quite disturbing results.

If you’ve read by supplement guide, you’ll realize that MOST keto supplements (and supplements in general) available to purchase, offer no meaningful benefit to be worth your hard-earned dollar.

Is ultra fast keto boost legit? Ultra fast keto boost is a real product. However, ultra fast keto boost was never on shark tank and had fake endorsements by celebrities.

In this article, I’ll break down ultra fast keto boost by ingredient to show you whether it is worth trying, whether it’s safe, then we’ll get into the weeds about how ultra fast keto boost made its way onto the market through unethical practices. 

Is ultra fast keto real shark tank keto scam

Is Ultra Fast Keto Boost For Real?

Let’s first make the distinction about real and fake; Ultra Fast Keto Boost is indeed an actual product. However, in terms of whether it works, and all the other hype surrounding it, that’s a different story.

 As with most supplements, the claims are bold, but the supplement doesn’t live up to the hype. 

Therefore, ultra fast keto boost is a real product, but not in the sense that it “works,” nor was launched according to the stories you see floating around social media or in advertisements. 

Is Ultra Fast Keto Boost Backed By Shark Tank?

The advertisements you may have seen usually say something along the lines of Groundbreaking! Shark Tank Keto Diet Pills.


Amazing diet pills from so and so to melt fat off.

You get the gist.

As my mom always told me, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. 

Was ultra fast keto boost really on shark tank? These “shark tank diet pills” as they are commonly advertised were NEVER on Shark Tank, or the UK equivalent, Dragon’s Den. 

They often use this photo of two women who were on shark tank, but not for any type of keto or weight loss product. These two women were on shark tank because they owned a children’s dance company. 

And you’ll notice the date in the screenshot, but what’s more hilarious is the date of this “airing” changes on every website you come across.

Keto diet pill scam shark tank women

Is Ultra Fast Keto Boost Reviews For Real?

One of the shady tactics ultra fast keto boost, and the people selling it is the use of celebrity endorsements.

Well, those endorsements are a lie too.

Is ultra fast keto boost reviews for real? While some of the user reviews may be real, the celebrity endorsements often showcased are fabricated. 

I’ve seen at least half a dozen different pages with different celebrity endorsements.

There are fake reviews from Drew Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Chrissy Teigan, and many more celebrities who claim they lost weight taking the diet pills. 

Ultra fast keto boost fake reviews

Is Ultra Fast Keto Boost Safe?

As much as this post is a warning against purchasing the product, there are a few people that will still want to give it a try. 

Is ultra fast keto boost safe to take? According to the label, there are no inherently “harmful” ingredients, but that does not speak as to the efficacy of the product

What’s In Ultra Fast Keto Boost?

Whats in shark tank diet pill ultra fast keto boost
 While there may be some ingredients in ultra fast keto boost that have some benefit, they are in such small doses that you would have to swallow the equivalent of 15 servings to get an effective dose MAYBE. 

Now, this is not my endorsement for buying them and taking 15 servings, so let’s not get that confused.

According to which website you stumble upon, the ingredients lists always vary. Here are two examples of ones I’ve found and a breakdown of the ingredients.

Let’s break down the ingredient list:

Beta-Hydroxy Butyrate (BHB)

BHB is one of the ketone bodies that our bodies naturally produce (endogenous production) while in a state of ketosis. 

This same molecule may be ingested from a synthetic source outside our body as well (exogenously), which is why you may have heard the term exogenous ketones if you’ve looked at other keto supplements.

Ketone salts, which are the most common form of exogenous ketones, are ketones bound to a salt, usually calcium, sodium, potassium, and/or magnesium. 

You may see these ingredients commonly found in other keto-related products. 

And while there may be some benefit to exogenous ketones, they are in doses MUCH MUCH higher than any of the ultra fast or pure fit keto products we’re discussing.

Doses in studies use between 12 and 24 grams of BHB, while one of these products has 800mg, and the other has 800mg of a blend of other products. 1 

You would need to take at least 15 servings of the version with only ketone salts to get any meaningful benefit.

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) Powder

MCT’s are popular in the keto world and are mostly used by individuals in their morning keto or bulletproof coffees.

Medium Chain Triglycerides are usually extracted from coconut or palm oil and more rapidly absorbed than other forms of triglycerides (fat). 2 

MCT’s shorter chain length allows them to travel straight from the gut to your liver, making them more readily available to be used as an immediate energy source. 3

While there is no set dose to use, people often start with half to one tablespoon and work there way up if they tolerate it well. 

A half tablespoon serving of MCT oil is 7 grams of MCT’s. Which is already 9x the amount you could potentially find in ultra fast keto, and this is assuming it was only MCT’s, which it isn’t.

Apple Cider Vinegar Powder

Apple cider vinegar may offer some benefits; it has shown to reduce glucose spikes and help suppress appetite. Many people also claim that consuming apple cider vinegar helps aid in digestion due to acetic acid.

In studies, apple cider vinegar has shown to suppress food intake, and in turn, body weight gain. 45 

Many of the possible health benefits, including appetite suppression and even reduced blood pressure 6 use at least ~30ml of apple cider vinegar, which equates to ~2 tbsp.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

I am unsure if the purpose of green tea in the product is mainly for the caffeine, or the catechin polyphenols, more specifically EGCG. 

In either case, both caffeine and green tea extract do have some merit in terms of improving metabolic rate and fat loss.

In a study with over 100 obese individuals over 12 weeks, one group consumed green tea with caffeine, and the other group consumed just caffeine. The group supplementing green tea, In the form of EGCG lost more abdominal fat (~7.7 percent vs. -0.3 percent). 7 

As it pertains to ultra fast keto or any other of the shark tank diet pills, half of them do not contain green tea leaf extract. The ones that do contain green tea leaf extract do not divulge whether it is the active EGCG, which most of the benefits are derived.

According to the data available, 125 – 250 mg of EGCG is effective when paired with caffeine to improve metabolic rate and fat loss.

I’d put my money on this supplement not having the active form of green tea, nor any considerable amount, especially when a serving is 800mg.

In any case, always stay away from “proprietary blends.” You never know what or how much of anything is inside.

What Other Products Are Part Of The Shark Tank Keto Scam?

After doing some quick browsing, you’ll see that this same ultra fast keto pill goes by many different names. 

Each one of these pills uses the same lingo, the same fake shark tank diet pill story, and the same phony celebrity endorsements.

  • PureFit Keto
  • Keto RX
  • Envy Naturals Keto
  • Ultra Apex Keto
  • Maxwell Keto
  • Keto Supreme
  • Holistic Bliss Keto
  • Keto Legend
  • Keto Rapid Max Pure

Interested in other similar “scams,” then you'll have to give my speed keto review a read.

So Is Ultra Fast Keto And These Shark Tank Keto Diet Pills A Scam?

I would say yes.

Not only do the pills not have any meaningful amount of any one of their ingredients, but they also use shady and unethical advertising.

If you dig further, you’ll see a countless number of complaints from customers saying they were automatically refilled after their first order. 

Whether or not this is a user error, it doesn’t seem many of these sites offer a monthly versus a one-time subscription. It would seem as though people are getting billed automatically, and for more than one they agreed to.

How Can You Avoid Falling For Scams Like This?

To help you avoid any keto diet pill scams:

  • Ensure there is an effective dose of the supplement in question. In regards to ketone supplements, BHB specifically should be a MINIMUM of 3 grams. Most reputable ketone supplements will have >10 grams.
  • Do some research on reputable sites like PubMed, or when it comes to supplements I like to use 
  • Dig around and ask people for their unbiased feedback. You can always email me through my contact link or DM me on Instagram @artofketo for advice.
  • Want to learn about which supplements are ACTUALLY PROVEN to be effective? check out my fat burners on keto and keto supplement guides.

The Takeaway

Ultra fast keto, pure fit keto, and the other dozen names these keto diet pills go by is more than likely a scam.

Some of the review sites for this product are ALSO scams. Competitors and knock-offs try to de-legitimize one product, and then end the article by offering their own or an affiliate product. 

Ultra fast keto and its many variations do not contain an effective dose of any ingredient, was never on shark tank, nor endorsed by any of the celebrities it claims to have used the product.


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