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Is Vodka Keto Friendly?

Following a keto diet has its benefits, but they are not always easy to earn. People who follow keto diets are seldom shrouded with confusion about which food items are permissible for them and which can kick them out of ketosis. 

A similar question surrounds alcohol consumption, as people often wonder if a bit of alcohol is allowed once in a while on a keto diet. Some people believe it isn’t, whereas others find ways to stay in ketosis while drinking alcohol. 

Is Vodka Keto Friendly

So what is the truth behind alcoholic beverages? More specifically, is vodka keto? 

This guide answers this very question and delves into the world of alcohol shots to bring to you keto-friendly vodka cocktail recipes, health benefits and nutritional profile of vodka, and various other information in addition to the answer to “is vodka keto?”. 

Let’s get started! 

What is Vodka?

Vodka rose to popularity in Poland and Russia as a distilled spirit commonly made from potatoes or grains. It is now widely considered one of the most popular liquor choices for shots and cocktails in bars and is unequivocally drunk by people worldwide. 

Since vodka is a relatively versatile alcohol type, you can make it from various kinds of grains. A lack of any set rules and regulations associated with its production is also a reason behind its variable formation. 

Everyone is free to mix and match different ingredients to make vodka or tailor the making process according to their will. Traditionally, vodka was distilled by using potatoes in Poland.

However, several distillers have started experimenting recently and now use ingredients such as grapes and beets. 

Since vodka is a rectified spirit, it is distilled about three times. However, some distillers also go for five or even more times. Generally, a vodka brand lets the public know the number of distillation times their spirit went through. 

People usually prefer more distilled vodka because of the common perception that it becomes smoother and cleaner with each distilling process. That is correct to a great extent, as vodka does get more pristine and pure because of the continual removal of impurities in each distillation. 

Is Vodka Keto?

An ideally keto-friendly food option contains a minimal number of carbs, moderate amounts of protein, and high-fat quantities. That is because keto diets aim at attaining the state of ketosis, a condition where the body uses fat as an energy source due to an absence of carbohydrates. 

Keto Vodka

So, is vodka keto? Thankfully, yes. Vodka is a 100% keto-friendly drink as it contains zero carbs. All the sugars present in this spirit get converted to ethyl alcohol during the distillation process. 

However, despite vodka being completely keto-friendly, it is essential to maintain a moderate intake. An average alcohol intake is vital for all alcohol consumers and even more critical for keto dieters. 

That is because although vodka contains zero carbs, it does have considerable calories (64 empty calories) and zero fiber, protein, fats, or micronutrients. 

Still, vodka remains to be one of the most popular low-carb alcoholic beverages for keto dieters, and here are some key reasons why:

  1. Vodka contains zero net carbs, which is highly favorable for a keto diet. 
  2. Vodka has low calories, with one ounce of the fluid containing approximately 64 calories. 
  3. Vodka mixes exceptionally well with various popular low-carb mixing options, including diet soda, club soda, seltzer, and others. 
  4. Vodka is an incredible and low-carb ingredient in tons of keto-friendly cocktail recipes and can be easily paired with many fruit-based mixers. 

Vodka: Nutritional Profile 

The nutritional profile of 1.5 ounces of distilled, 80-proof vodka is as follows:

Sugar0 grams
Carbs0 grams
Fiber0 grams
Cholesterol0 grams
Fat0 grams
Sodium0 grams
Vitamins0 grams
Minerals0 grams

How Many Calories Does A Shot Of Vodka Have?

Vodka is a relatively low-calorie alcoholic option to beer or wine. The higher the proof of your vodka, the more concentrated it is and the more calories it contains. The “proof” refers to a number that shows the percentage of alcohol in the liquor.

You can easily determine the percentage of alcohol in liquor by halving its proof. For instance, 100 proof means 50% alcohol, whereas 80 proof means 40% alcohol.

keto rosemary cranberry vodka

Higher proof means that the liquor contains a higher calorie count and thus can have a higher result on your blood alcohol content levels.

Let us look at the calories in a 1.5-ounce shot of vodka:  

70 Proof Vodka85 calories
80 Proof Vodka96 calories
90 Proof Vodka110 calories
100 Proof Vodka124 calories

Since alcohol is not a carb, the calories in vodka mainly come from the alcohol itself. Pure alcohol typically contains seven calories in each gram. Looking in reference, fat contains approximately 9 calories per gram, whereas proteins and carbohydrates contain about 4 calories in each gram. 

These statistics show that alcohol is twice as fattening as proteins or carbohydrates and is minutely less fattening than fat. The calorie content in the different vodka brands standing at the same proof is generally the same. 

Why is Vodka a Good Option for Low-Carb Diets?

Vodka is a pure alcohol form, making it carbohydrate free. It is an excellent alternative to sweet wines and regular beer for individuals who wish to maintain their ketosis. However, flavored vodka is not free from carbs, and thus you should steer clear of it. 

Let us look at a few reasons that make vodka a highly suitable option for low-carb diets: 

Zero Carbs In Vodka 

One fl oz serving of vodka boasts zero carbohydrates, making it appropriate for keto diets. It is also low in calories and has virtually no nutritional value. 

Zero Fats In Vodka 

1 fl oz serving of vodka contains zero fat content as this spirit contains nothing more than water and ethanol. Since it has no fat, keto dieters can meet their daily fat consumption limit by taking a keto-friendly snack or meal before drinking vodka. 

Doing this can also decrease the speed of alcohol absorption and reduce the likelihood of you binging on unhealthy food options later on. 

Zero Proteins In Vodka 

One fl oz serving of vodka contains zero proteins. However, you can meet your daily protein intake limit by consuming a keto-friendly snack or meal rich in protein, such as Greek yogurt, eggs, or meat. 

Doing this will also decrease the aftereffects of alcohol and keep you satiated. 

Low Calories In Vodka 

One fl oz serving of vodka contains as little as 64 calories, making it a highly suitable low-calorie alcoholic spirit. If you have this drink, you do not need to worry about your ketosis or gaining weight on a night out with friends! 

Keto Vodka Cocktail Recipes  

Low Carb Strawberry-Basil Lemon Drop 

Low Carb Strawberry Lemon Basil Drop


Lemon1 Wedge
Low-Carb, Sugar-Free Sweetener1 tsp
Fresh Strawberries2 (Sliced)
Lemon½ (Sliced and quartered)
Fresh Basil Leaves4
Lemon Juice2 tbs
Vodka1 tbs
Ice CubesAs per requirement
Slice Of Lemon, Thin Basil Strips, And Extra StrawberryTo garnish 


  1. Run a wedge of lemon around a glass and then dip it in a low-carb sweetener placed on a small plate to prep it. 
  2. Add lemon slices, sliced strawberries, lemon juice, fresh basil leaves, and the sweetening syrup to a cocktail shaker to make the base of the drink. Shake everything together and use a muddler to crush all ingredients down. 
  3. Add the vodka and ice cubs to the mixture and give it all a good shake. 
  4. Strain the freshly make fruity drink into the glass and garnish with strawberry slices, lemon slices, and sliced basil before serving. 

Skinny Vojito Drink

Skinny Vojito Recipe Card


Lime Or Fresh Lime Juice½ lime or 1 oz fresh lime juice
Mint Leaves5
Ice1 cup
Vodka1 oz
Sparkling Lime Juice½ cup


  1. Add mint and lime quarters to a glass. Use a muddler to crush down the mint and lemon to release the juice and oils and combine the flavors.
  2. Add vodka to the mixture and mix everything together.
  3. Fill a glass of your choice with ice and add your freshly prepared drink to it. Top off with sparkling lime soda water and mix together.
  4. Garnish with some fresh mint leaves and a lime wedge before serving.

Classic Vodka Soda with Lemon

Classic Vodka Soda with Lemon


Vodka2 oz
Club SodaAs per requirement
Lemon JuiceJuice from 1 lemon
Lemon WedgeTo garnish


  1. Take a glass and fill it with ice. Add vodka. 
  2. Top the vodka off with some club soda (as per your liking) and squeeze some fresh lemon juice into the drink to add some flavor.
  3. Garnish with a lemon wedge before serving. 

Health Benefits of Vodka  

Stress Relief

Every person has a different way of relaxing and unwinding, but for most, it is a few shots of vodka or sips of their favorite alcoholic drink. Media has a primary role in this increasing inclination, as people there typically resort to alcohol to unwind.

If you are on a keto diet and looking for ways to ward off some steam, vodka shots or keto-friendly cocktails are the right fit. Studies also show that consuming vodka can help reduce stress levels. 

Sleep Promotion 

Alcohol generally helps promote sleep, but only in particular cases when consumed in moderation. When drunk in moderation, vodka can stimulate sleep latency and induce sleep, thereby proving to be an excellent help for insomniacs.

Avoid consuming vodka in high amounts, as it can make you jittery and restless and not only make it harder to fall asleep but also affect the duration and quality of your sleep. 

Improvement Of Heart Health 

Studies show that drinking vodka can help increase blood circulation and flow in the body, reducing the risk of blood clots, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases. 

Cleansing Action 

Most hygienic products and cleaners used domestically and commercially generally have alcohol in their ingredients list.

Since vodka is a type of alcohol, it is naturally an antiseptic and disinfectant. It can be used to treat wounds, relieve toothaches, and even be used as a cleaning liquid for some things in your house. 

Improvement In Oral Hygiene

Apart from its convenient use in treating toothaches, vodka can also be used as a mouthwash. All you need to do is take a mouthful of vodka, gurgle it in your mouth, and say goodbye to bad breath! 

Effective Skincare Product 

You may be surprised at the disinfectant properties in vodka that allow it to be a natural toner or astringent. All you need to do is dilute vodka with equal parts of water and use it to dry clean your pores.

You can also use this spirit to treat acne because of its detoxifying and drying properties. However, you may want to use some other skincare products if your skin is sensitive or dry, as vodka’s natural dehydrating properties may not do you much good. 

Reduction In Cholesterol Levels 

As an alcoholic beverage, vodka is known to increase HDL, the good cholesterol in the body. Suitable amounts of good cholesterol can easily counter the LDL, or the bad cholesterol in the body, reducing the risk of clogging in arteries. 

Reduced Weight Gain Risk 

It is common to associate alcohol with the apparent “beer belly.” This is, however, true in some ways, as inexpensive beer with large sugar quantities and calorie counts can result in this condition. 

Vodka, in contrast, is generally made from potatoes, grains, or sometimes grapes, which reduces its calorie count. Other factors such as proofing, alcohol level, and flavoring can also affect the total calorie count in the vodka. 

Wrapping Up 

Vodka is a zero-carb, low-calorie alcoholic spirit highly suitable for shots and cocktails. These properties make it an excellent choice for keto-dieters who wish to blow off some steam with alcohol or want to enjoy a night out with friends without worrying about their ketosis. 

Now that you know the promising answer to “Is vodka keto?”, it is time to go out and have some fun, provided you come back for more keto-related information after your night out!

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