Through the years we've come across plenty of gizmos, gadgets, supplements, and books.
Here is a collection of the ones we found very helpful in our ketogenic pursuit.


Essentials with none of the fluff.

As the name implies but is often forgotten… supplements are just that. They “supplement” a good diet and training lifestyle.

Focus first on getting good wholesome nutrition through food, a sustainable and enjoyable workout routine, managing sleep and stress, then worry about incorporating supplements.

Being in the fitness and health lifestyle for over 15+ years we've tried them all and found most of them unnecessary, These are the supplements that show very promising results and/or are evidence-based to actually be safe AND effective.



There's something to be said about books and the saying that “knowledge is power.”

We wholeheartedly believe you do not have to only feed your body, but you your mind as well. Think about it, the author has probably spent nearly his whole life pouring out his knowledge in a book for you to consume. You are able to obtain all that knowledge in as short as a day.

These recommended books have shaped how we think both about the ketogenic diet and life in general.



Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Endurance Goodies

Our first love…

What first introduced us to the ketogenic world nearly 15 years ago.

Much like supplements, we've tried them all. Everything you need to up your fitness game whether you work out at home, your local CrossFit box, or hit up the streets for a run. These are the pieces of equipment and accessories we've found most useful, durable, and economical.


Kitchen essentials

Gadgets that will make life a bit easier

We love to do a lot of cooking and eating at home vs eating out. With that said, sometimes home-cooked meals come at the expense of prepping, cooking, and cleaning. Needless to say, we want to make this process as easy and seamless as possible (at least I do).

Everything from our favorite keto coffee gadgets to meal prep Sunday tupperware containers that we personally use.

Our favorite cookware, bakeware, and kitchen gadgets to make your keto lifestyle a little more organized, a little less messy, and a bit simpler.