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The Art of Keto is an company that teaches people how to lose weight, perform better, and gain muscle through the use of a ketogenic diet. The Art of Keto is best known for its no-nonsense evidence-based approach to living a ketogenic lifestyle.

The Art of Keto is a no-nonsense evidence-based 1approach to fat loss and muscle gain utilizing a ketogenic diet.


The Art of Keto was established in 2016 to help individuals following a ketogenic diet that were being mislead with all the MISINFORMATION being spread in the fitness and nutrition community, especially the ketogenic and low-carb communities.

I've been there… I've tried every trick, supplement, and workout you could imagine. Having discovered the ketogenic diet in 2003, it quickly turned into a lifestyle that led to a path in nutrition and becoming a health coach to educate others.

The goal at The Art of Keto is to give you the ability to think critically by educating you. This ability will free you from the confusion when someone or something else comes and challenges your current beliefs allowing you to make the best decision.


Different things work for different people.

One size DOES NOT fit all.

There is no one way to live a ketogenic lifestyle.