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Is Sashimi Keto-Friendly? Savoring the Delight of Raw Fish on a Low-Carb Journey

Are you in love with Japanese cuisine? Do you want to eat raw fish on a keto diet? Do you ever wonder, ‘Is sashimi keto friendly?

Good news! Sashimi is keto friendly. So, if you’re a fan of enjoying Sashimi, the keto diet won’t make you give up this Japanese staple.

Still, it’s important to be careful as Sashimi might be keto friendly but, not all types of Sushi follow the same dietary guidelines.

If you’d like to learn more about “Is sashimi keto friendly?” continue to keep reading and learn everything you need to know about this seafood delicacy.

Sashimi & Keto Diet

Keto friendly foods tend to have a low-carb and high-fat content. Sashimi doesn’t contain too many net carbs and is safe for keto eaters. Unlike sushi, sashimi is safe to consume even in larger quantities.

Is Sashimi Keto-Friendly?

Sashimi is completely keto friendly! However, there’s a lot of confusion about this subject. The main reason behind this is that many people believe that sashimi and sushi are interchangeable!

The confusion leads to people avoiding both altogether while they’re on a keto diet. That’s why it’s important to understand the difference between sushi and sashimi!

Sashimi and the Keto Lifestyle

Traditional sashimi is served without rice. These thin slices of raw fish can easily replace traditional sushi on the keto diet.

Sashimi Keto Friendly

It can be a source of high-quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids for your body. Although sashimi is keto friendly, you should know that certain fish varieties have high mercury levels.

Serving Sashimi 

Sashimi can be served with white carrots. It’s an excellent dish and is tasty more often than not, but the quality and sourcing of raw fish affect its flavor.

Sashimi is a common food in Asia. It has a unique flavor, low sugar, and high fiber content. 

Sashimi Keto Recipe

Here's a simple sashimi keto recipe:


  • Fresh sashimi-grade fish (such as tuna, salmon, or yellowtail)
  • Soy sauce (look for a low-sodium option or use tamari for a gluten-free alternative)
  • Wasabi paste (optional)
  • Pickled ginger (optional)
  • Sesame seeds (optional)
  • Sliced cucumber or seaweed salad (optional, for serving)


1. Begin by ensuring your fish is sashimi-grade and properly thawed if previously frozen. It's crucial to use high-quality fish when making sashimi.

2. Using a sharp knife, carefully slice the fish into thin pieces. You can slice them into sashimi-sized pieces or slightly thicker if preferred.

3. Arrange the sliced fish on a serving plate. You can arrange them in a single layer or slightly overlapping for presentation.

4. If using, sprinkle some sesame seeds over the sliced fish for added flavor and texture.

5. Serve the sashimi with small bowls of soy sauce and wasabi paste on the side for dipping. Pickled ginger can also be served as a palate cleanser between bites.

6. For a low-carb option, consider serving the sashimi with sliced cucumber or a seaweed salad instead of rice.

7. Enjoy your homemade sashimi as a delicious and keto-friendly meal!

Remember to always use fresh, high-quality fish when making sashimi, and consume it immediately after preparation for the best taste and texture.

Keto Friendly Sashimi

Is Sashimi Keto – Conclusion

It’s surprising to know that traditional sushi isn’t keto friendly but sashimi is keto. The reason being sashimi is low in carbs and has a high fiber content.

Remember the quality of your ingredients affects your dish and you need fresh raw fish to prepare a high-quality sashimi. You should enjoy sashimi with keto friendly sides.

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